About me

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of counselling. Why? Because I have experienced it many, many times from both sides of the fence.

Counselling can facilitate the most wonderful change in ourselves when we are helped to identify, understand, face and accept issues and states of mind that have caused us distress throughout our lives. By exploring the feelings surrounding these issues within counselling, great changes can occur within us, changes that can then go to inform the rest of our lives.

My work within person centred theory places the relationship at the centre of counselling. By fostering and nurturing a relationship of congruence (honesty), non-judgement, empathy, care and unconditional regard for the individual I believe that each person can become the best version of themselves they can be. My aim with my counselling work, is to be with you as you find that person.

I love working creatively with clients and have seen so much change in people through artistic or creative exploration.

I have a personal interest in bereavement and loss, believing that loss in its many varied forms is at the centre of so much of what causes us, as people, distress and imbalance. This could be loss of a relationship, a job, a precious time in your life, identity, self esteem, as well as the more recognised form of the word in bereavement.

I work as a volunteer for Cruse, the national bereavement charity. To find out more about Cruse and the great work they do supporting bereaved individuals please click here. I also volunteer at the NHS Wisdom Hospice, again working with people who have suffered loss.

I am a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their ethical framework. To find out more about the BACP click here.

I also have a current enhanced DBS check.

Why 'Enso'? 

In Zen Buddhism, an 'enso' is a hand painted circle, usually created in one motion of the brush as part of a daily spiritual practice.

It symbolises enlightenment, strength and elegance. For me, the open enso circle also encapsulates the imperfection of life; it is impossible to paint a perfect circle by hand and it is impossible to live a perfect life. We can simply do the best we can, accepting that the end result is 'good enough'.