Lack of confidence

As we make our way through our own individual journey of life a lack of confidence or poor self esteem can prevent us leading our best lives and not fufilling our potentials as living beings.

Inherent beliefs that we are useless, stupid, ugly, unworthy of being loved or the belief that we are inferior to others can cause us to sink lower in our mood and hold us back.

Our confidence and general sense of self esteem can be affected by specific recent events or, as in many cases, it can be traced back to childhood and our 'conditions of worth' where we my develop a relationship with our caregivers that involves us thinking we have to be a certain way in order to please them, or appear 'good enough' in their eyes.

If our needs aren't met adequately as a child and we aren't understood as individuals feelings of low worth and confidence canthen emerge and grow creating real feelings of failure and despondency.

I work with clients suffering from issues around confidence and self esteem by looking at the key sources behind these feelings, challenging preconceived ideas and being beside them as they hold their heads up, knowing that they are 'good enough'.

If your confidence is low, and your self esteem and worth is poor I welcome your call or email. Together we will look again at what beliefs are holding you back and work at changing them enabling you to fly.

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