16 February 2021


So now, in my small corner of England the snow has gone. It was beautiful while it lasted and during this period of social hiatus brought a welcome relief to many, including myself, as welcomed something different to brighten up our days.

Snow for me has always been about stillness. Quiet. Peace. I remember as a teenager returning home from work and stopping off at a hilly park in my old home town as the snow came down thick and fast. I stood on top of the hill and marvelled at the soft gentleness and absence of sound that the snow seemed to bring. The sky reached down and enveloped me, blurring sky and landscape and for those moments that I paused on top of the hill nothing else mattered. Until I had to make my way home of course...

But I relish the stillness of snow. It gives me a chance to reflect and just, as I experienced that day many years ago, pause. It's almost asif the snow sucks the sound from the air and allows space for our feelings and thoughts to emerge and take shape. It gives us permission to stop and experience our feelings.

It struck me how hard it can be for some people, myself included at times, to do this. We're always caught up in the business of the day rather than simply gifting ourselves some quiet time to just be with ourselves. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could solve this problem, and, every now and then, act like it's a snow day.

20 January 2021


Welcome to all of you visiting my site and reading this blog. Not sure how ordinary it is for a counsellor to actually feature a blog on their website as within therapy sessions we tend not to reveal too much about our thoughts and feelings or indeed our history or lives.Naturally our focus is with the client.

But perhaps on a website with the written word there is scope to share a few words now and again on what's going on in our lives and the world in general; a chance to share our thoughts and feelings.

So, that is the ethos I'm going to adopt as I add to this blog as the weeks and months pass and I'm hoping it may give you a little more background into me and my counselling practice and may help you make a decision on who to chose as your counsellor should you feel therapy may help.

I'm going to make a conscious effort not to re-read and 'over-write' these blog entries however, and instead will simply go with the flow and write honestly and from the heart.

Thanks for reading.