Identity issues

Developing an understand of our sense of self or our identity is an essential part of our development as human beings.

Our sense of self can be affected by incidents and interactions as we progress through life, changing how we behave and how we consider our place within the world. Sometimes these changes, especially in our early years, can have negative results leading to struggles and issues as we grow older such as trying to always please others at our own expense or experiencing depression.

Self awareness and knowledge can lead to a healthy and congruent sense of identity. This realisation can be founded in perhaps more 'obvious' criteria such as age, cultural background, gender etc or more emotional and existential sphere as we try to understand the meaning of our lives.

We all adopt roles throughout our personal journey. These can be determined by work or individual circumstances. Situations such as becoming parents, experiencing failing health, old age issues and bereavement can all have an affect on who we are, and how comfortable we are within our own skin.

If you feel weighed down by issues of identity, a deeper questioning of yourself or how to cope with the changes in roles we experience in your life then I welcome your call. Counselling can help you understand your own sense of self, recover and heal from any trauma or events that may have affected it and leave you in a position to face life with confidence, knowing who you are.