Bereavement & Loss

I have a personal vocation an interest in working with bereavement and loss. Death is an unescapable part of life and will touch all of us at some point, yet bereavement and grief can be incredibly painful and still feel like a bewildering mystery to so many of us.

With the work I do specifically within the sphere of grief, I sit beside individuals who are experiencing a loss as they come to terms with what has happened, to embrace their feelings honestly no matter how negative they may feel and to hopefully see a way forward.

I consider it a  real honour to work with people who are struggling following the loss of a loved one and have worked with people from all backgrounds and religions, all feeling the effects of a variety of losses.

I also believe the concept of ‘loss’ whether it be loss of self esteem, loss of confidence, loss of identity, loss of lifestyle, job or relationships are also often at the core of much of the distress people feel throughout their lives. Change is an unavoidable part of life, and loss in some form is always a part of change. Through exploring, understanding and accepting loss great clarity and insight can come, inspiring more positive changes within people.

If you have suffered any form of bereavement or loss I welcome your call or email and would be honoured to work with you as you go through the grief.