Family problems

It's an old cliche, but the truth is we can choose our friends but not our family. 

Families can be complex, confusing and infuriating, leading to all sorts of issues and worries as we attempt to interact with other members who may not share our point of view or values.

Family problems can encompass issues with parents leading to distorted senses of self as we grow older, keeping relationships within our families alive and healthy, disagreements and estrangement from other family members and problems with our children as they too grow and develop.

Bereavements or family traumas can also strain and sometimes break the family dynamic. Counselling can help understand heal these wounds, allowing family units to function again.

I work with people who have struggled with family problems and have found it hard to move on and accept the behaviour and tensions caused by other family members.

If you have found it hard to deal with a family problem and you are aware of it's affect on your own mental health and well-being I welcome your call. Together we can work towards developing acceptance and fostering a healthy sense of your own identity.