Anger is an emotion that can cause a lot of shame in people – we lose control of ourselves and may say and do things that are out of character.

We want to 'manage' our anger, to stop it boiling over, to prevent it even occuring. But actually anger itself is a health emotion; like so many of our feelings however if it is expressed in an unhealthy way it can be damaging.

I work with clients struggling with anger issues in exploring the reasons behind the anger and more specifically their own relationship with this most misunderstood of emotions. We look at more positive ways of accepting the anger and how to deal with it, not internalising it and not taking out rage on others.

Anger can also present itself due to other emotions that are perhaps not being recognised and acknowledged. These can include shame, resentment, stress and fear. By exploring the causes of anger often these origins are revealed and processed.

If you feel anger has a hold on you and is ruining aspects of your  life I welcome your call or email. Together we can look at what's behind the anger, and explore healthy ways to express it.